I booked a hostel in a small village named Gryon. The hostel was nice and cheap, even though it was not in a very touristy area, which in a way is nice. I got off at the train station and had to take a rail car up the mountain. The hostel was located about half … Continue reading Switzerland



Day 1: Arrived in Naples and decided to get a cab to my bed and breakfast in Pompeii because i was clearly getting lazy at this point in my trip. It was a 20 minute drive so i didnt think it would be very expensive. I did not ask how much it would cost before … Continue reading Italy


I had met a guy on the way to Berlin that was headed to Prague on the same day as me, so we contacted each other and traveled together. He was also from Canada. We took the train then headed our separate ways when we arrived. I hostel i was in was beautiful, but there … Continue reading Prague