The netherlands

Leni got some pastries from the bakery for breakfast (obsessed). Leni had the day off today so she showed me around her town, Mechelen. We started off by visiting the holocaust museum. It was emotional. There was a train carriage that was used to transport the locals to concentration camps. We stood on the platform where the people were rounded up and sent off, most never made it back. We went to another museum afterwards and we watched a lady make lace, she taught us how but apparently lace making is not in my skill set. As we were walking a beer bike went by. It a bike people peddle around on and drink beer, with a sober person steering. They were going by us and handed me a cup of beer,


After walking around for a bit we went back to her house. I packed up my stuff and headed to the Netherlands. I again had a drive booked through blahblah car. I had to get a train to get to the pick up point and my train ended up being delayed 20 minutes. So I ended up being 20 minutes late to the pick up point. Thankfully my drive waited for me. The driver was a guy around 30 who worked as an eye doctor. There was another passenger, a girl about my age. The three of us talked for the whole ride. The girl taught us some interesting things about prostitution there as she used to be a social worker and has worked with a lot of prostitutes in the past. She told us about how human trafficking is a popular thing with the prostitutes, because men will go to countries where women don’t make much money like Romania, and would recruit them. The girls go willingly but when they arrive their passport is taken from them so they have no way out. She also told us how yes prostitution is legal but there is no official laws against pimping, which means prostitutes don’t end up getting much of their money. I arrived in Rotterdam and had to get a train to Gouda where my accommodations were booked. I had booked through Airbnb to stay in a room in a guy named Franks house. Of course that night the train tracks were under construction so I had to get a bus to another bus stop then get another bus to Gouda. It was pretty confusing and ended up with me getting there pretty late. Thankfully Frank was okay with it. He picked me up at the bus stop when I arrived. Frank is around my age and is a really nice guy. The room was nice and the first time I hadn’t slept on a couch in a week.


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