Today I went to Amsterdam. My first stop was at a sex museum. It was quite odd. I did not post any pictures from it on facebook…….



Anyway, then I went to a prostitution museum, and that was really cool. I heard stories from a prostitute that were crazy. She said on new years eve she had 200 clients in one day. She also talked about how a friend of hers was murdered, how some men have really sick fantasies and get carried away.


I wandered around the red light district. It was definitely different. I saw a guy take out his phone and a prostitute jumped out of her room and came at him like a psycho. They do not let you take pictures or videos there. I saw the transgender area, those prostitutes were a lot more aggressive. I asked a random guy if there was a men’s section (I had heard people talk about a blue light district) (not that I was interested I love you Stephen). Ya asking a guy that question was a mistake. His reply was (the man is right here baby) I walked away. Of course one of the things on my bucket list was to have a pot brownie in Amsterdam. But I was too nervous to walk into a café and ask for weed, I know its normal there but I’m just not used to it. So I walked around for a bit and as I’m walking I go by these stairs that lead to a dark bar, with smoke billowing out. I read the sign that said no one under 18. I somehow felt confident walking into this sketchy place to buy a pot brownie. I ended up only eating half (it tasted terrible). As I headed back to the train station I started to feel the effects. Being high on a train is nuts. I have never had weed so potent. I don’t even know how I navigated my way back by myself. So to any future travellers, if you are going to Amsterdam alone maybe wait and eat the pot brownie back in your room and not in the streets of a foreign city. I had to get the bus back to the city from the train stop and when I was on the bus it stopped at a red light, and me being high out of my mind, I thought it was time to get off, so I stumble my way to the door and try to get out. Meanwhile everyone on the bus is staring at me because we are In the middle of busy traffic and I’m banging on the door to get out. That was embarrassing. Made it back to the house safely and of course had some snacks hehe.


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