Took the train to Berlin. I met a guy who is heading to Prague on the same day as me so we agreed to meet up and travel together. Afterwards i get to my hostel and meet two of my roommates, ingrid from california and meave from ireland. 18198278_10158535018920587_8619623620379683450_n

We went downstairs and had some supper, the food here was really good. My cold had gotten way worse and i ended up having a really bad fever. So i went to bed early that night..


The next day the 3 of us walked around and explored. Maeve was moving to Berlin so we went with her to get the keys to her new apartment. We visited the palace. 18194599_10158538545975587_4576379094227710602_n

We went to the holocaust memorial and then to the berlin gate.


We got back to the hostel and had dinner with another roommate who was from egypt. I was still super sick so again i crashed early.


The next day we all went to the berlin wall. We walked around then sat by the water in the sun for a while and relaxed.

We walked around a big flea market and just wandered around the city. Thankfully my fever had broke and i was starting to feel better so me and Ingrid went down to the bar and had a couple drinks that night.


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