Kings day

After a crappy nights sleep i went to Amsterdam with Frank and Sharon for kings day. The entire city was shut down, no traffic. There were stages set up everywhere, blasting music. Everyone was dancing. The entire city was just one massive party, ive never seen so many happy people. Everyone was drunk or high.

A girl gave Sharon and i hash, which i had never tried before, but when in amsterdam…… we had no idea how to roll it so we had to ask a guy to do it 18191041_10158526061150587_335550194_n

I am not the person who does drugs but i was in AMSTERDAM, there are just certain experiences you need to get when you go to different places…………


anyway we danced all day and headed back. My throat was killing me and i thought it was from smoking, but i ended up developing a cold that night and by morning i was sick as a dog.


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