I booked a party hostel for Budapest. From what i read people just liked to drink alot. I was so wrong. This hostel was absolutely insane. I felt like an old lady compared to how much these people partied.When i first arrived i was given a taxi number by the hostel. They told me to never get another taxi in this city except for this one because all of the other ones are run by the mafia. Apparently the mafia has a really big presence in Budapest.

I met Ariel when i first arrived. We walked around and went out for sandwiches.


The hostel has drinking games every night followed by an event. Tonights event was a party at another even more insane party hostel, where everyone takes five yagerbombs in a row.


i only had one lol. People got pretty wild. Almost everyone had their shirts off dancing, girls and guys (not me). Me and Ariel watched some people play beer pong. A random guy put his jacket on me and told me to root for him. I ended up leaving the jacket there (hopefully he got it back hehe). It was a wild night.

Day 2:

I went caving today with David, a guy from the states and a couple other girls. The caving takes you so far underground, and you have to squeeze yourself through really tiny holes. It was pitch black so we had flashlights on our helmets.


That night the event with the hostel was a boat party. It was so pretty seeing budapest from the water all lit up at night. The boat party had all you can drink alcohol. it was crazy. I met julie, nick, angus, and megan tonight.



After the boat party everyone headed to a rave in a cave. It was definitely not my scene.


I ended up walking back to my hostel alone at 3 am. It wasn’t scary at least because Budapest is so alive at night with everyone partying.

Day 3:

My friend Leo who i had met in Vienna arrived to Budapest today so he booked a room at the same hostel as me. We did a free walking tour, then went to see the holocost memorial. 18403319_10158583599905587_7724500815074040480_n

We explored the city for a bit. 18301451_10158583568655587_6085598336138612168_n

Tonight i decided not to drink. I was completely partied out. I sat and drank green tea while everyone played their drinking games and felt like a grandma. I met Leo from England and Megan from Australia, who i met last night and we all decided to go out for burger king. They were tired out from the party crowd too.

Day 4:

Myself, Megan, Leo and Julie went to the museum of terror today. It shows the history of Hungary that i never knew about. Hungary basically just finished being at war 20 years ago. After we finished at the museum we went out for food. I got the traditional hungarian dish, goulash. It was tasty. Then we got some pictures. 18342288_10158587216900587_6440634843569133686_n


Me and Megan went to the thermal baths that evening. They were so warm and relaxing. 18342526_10158589038140587_3499043123438338695_n

Once i got back to the hostel i was so wiped out from the baths that i passed right out. I was woken up at midnight by a guy in the room who brought a girl back with him. They did not even try to be quiet. i yelled at them to shut up but they did not care at all so i had to leave the room. Once i got to the common area everyone else from the room slowly started coming out. We all sat there and waited. Thankfully this was the only time i encountered this issue in a hostel. ugh. I woke up the next morning with a really bad sore throat and a cold. AGAIN


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