I had met a guy on the way to Berlin that was headed to Prague on the same day as me, so we contacted each other and traveled together. He was also from Canada. We took the train then headed our separate ways when we arrived. I hostel i was in was beautiful, but there wasn’t many other travelers for me to meet.


That night i decided to go onto the app couchsurfing. There’s a hangout option where other people in your area put that they want to hang out or grab beers etc. I got in contact with a guy named Jose. He was with a few other people so i agreed to meet up with them. Jose is from Mexico and the other three guys were from Slovenia. They had agreed to meet up with another group of people on couchsurfing at a bar so we headed there. We ended up being a big group of people from all over, there was another girl from canada too.


We hung out and they all put shots of vodka in their beer, which is apparently called a submarino. I tried a drink of someones, wasn’t too bad surprisingly. Me and a few of the guys left to go get some food. I tried a bite of someones Doner, which is extremely popular all over europe. I walked back to my hostel by myself. It was a little creepy because it was really late and it was all quite side streets.


Day 2:

I went on a free walking tour today. The tour guide was really funny.


I went on a tour on Prague castle that evening. My tour guide was a young guy from Texas lol. I made him my photographer for the tour.


Once the tour ended we both walked to the metro station. He gave me a free ticket 🙂


Day 3:

Today i decided it would be fun to go skydiving. It was a crazy experience, definitely not something i ever thought i would do alone.


Of course before i left Prague i had to get some of this ice cream, that is super popular there (and delicious)



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