I arrived in Vienna. I decided to walk around a bit. As i was walking i saw a little dog tied up outside of a store slipped off his leash and run out into the middle of the busy road. So i ran out and grabbed him and sat with him while i waited for his owner to come out. Of course it started pouring while i was sitting outside with him.



I met a young guy from Colorado named Steve. He was traveling alone but had met a group of people in Prague that he came to Vienna with. I asked if i could tag along with them to explore the city. I met his group of friends the next day. Travis, an RN from colorado, we had lots of nursing stories we shared with each other. Christa ann from the states, and Leo from Brazil.


We went to the Mozart cafe. Its a really old cafe, and super expensive. We bought a piece of cake and shared it between all of us lol.


The cafe was really fancy, everyone was dressed up and we were all super casual in jeans, leggings and sharing one piece of cake between 5 people lol.

That night we all went to the opera. I was wearing leggings, apparently leggings are not allowed in the opera house, so i took leos scarf and wrapped it around myself like a skirt. It somehow ended up working.


The others all had big hot dogs and beer and apparently thats not allowed in the opera house. They hid the beer in a backpack and hotdogs in their pockets. When we got inside they chugged the beer in a corner. We had bought standing tickets to the opera, a regular ticket would cost around $300, but for a standing ticket the cost is $3. A standing ticket reserves you a spot on the floor where you have to stand the whole time, its not the greatest view of the stage but is totally worth the experience. The show was 2 and half hours and the singing was in german. There were little screens with subtitles. It was really cool.

Day 2:

A girl named Veronica joined our group today. We went to Schoburn palace and walked around a bit. We ended up sitting on a hill and chilling for a few hours.




Steve and i did some laundry after, we didn’t want to pay for the dryer so we hung our clothes up all over the room and left. I wonder what the other roommates thought when they came in to see my underwear all over the place,…. oh well. We both went out and got pizza after. It ended up being huge, we brought it back to the hostel and shared it with people. We all went out that night. The club scene in vienna is terrible. Finally we heard usher playing from one of the clubs so we ran in without even looking. Once the song was over we noticed people were staring at us. It was at this point we realized we were the only white people in the club. They started playing muslim music. I do not want to come across racist but they did not seem like they wanted us there. We gave up after that lol.


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