Pushkar- discovering a hidden village

I arrived at my hotel late in the day. I didn't want to go too far as i knew it would get dark soon, so i decided to go for a short walk. My hotel is located outside of the city. There are a few other hotels along the right side of the road and... Continue Reading →


The Taj Mahal

  My alarm wakes me up at 7am. I peel myself out of bed and climb down off of the top bunk. There are three other beds in the hostel dorm room. Two others are also up this early so i donā€™t have to worry about waking everyone up. I bought a sari the day... Continue Reading →

A walk through Varanasi.

I have always been a big fan of history. I love to learn about kings and queens and peasants and there way of life. Walking through Varanasi reminds me of history class. When you step into this city, you step back in time. Iā€™m sitting on a ledge looking out at the Ganges river. There... Continue Reading →

People for animals Agra

Anyone who knows me knows that i am an animal lover. There is not a whole lot to do in Agra so I had an afternoon with no plans. I decided to look up the local animals shelter to visit. India is definitely different then Canada when it comes to animals. There is a huge... Continue Reading →

The Agra fort

I hire a driver to take me to Agra. The driver is a middle aged man, he is pretty nice. He has to stop home first to pack a bag because he wil be driving me to my next couple of cities. He parks out front of his apartment and invites me to come meet... Continue Reading →

India: the dog who broke my heart

WARNING: this article contains extremely graphic and disturbing images. I will put the pictures at the bottom, if you do not want to see them do not scroll to the very bottom.   Jaislamer India: I was staying at a hotel in this small town in the desert, very close to the Pakistan border. I... Continue Reading →


  I took a tuktuk out of the city with a couple guys i met at the hostel. It took about an hour. We went to a place called the sarnath. It is a temple with monks and i was able to get a picture with them.     I had a kid come up... Continue Reading →

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