Delhi I met a girl from the states named Margie, she had been traveling the world for the past year alone. We went out to explore together. We walked through old delhi. Old delhi is extremely packed, chaotic and dirty. There are hundreds of market stalls selling everything imaginable, from linen, silk, scarves, to sweater,... Continue Reading →



Day 1: made my way to my hostel in Dublin. After spending the past few weeks with 30 degrees plus heat ireland was freezing. But it was kind of nice to arrive at my hostel looking half decent rather then covered in sweat but carrying my backpack in plus 30 degrees across a city.. I... Continue Reading →


I booked a hostel in a small village named Gryon. The hostel was nice and cheap, even though it was not in a very touristy area, which in a way is nice. I got off at the train station and had to take a rail car up the mountain. The hostel was located about half... Continue Reading →


Day 1: I checked into my hostel then headed to a spa. The spa had a gym so i did a workout then relaxed in a hot tub. Day 2: I went to the city center and walked a bit. Then decided to get the hop on hop off bus. It took 4 hours. There... Continue Reading →


Day 1: Arrived in Naples and decided to get a cab to my bed and breakfast in Pompeii because i was clearly getting lazy at this point in my trip. It was a 20 minute drive so i didnt think it would be very expensive. I did not ask how much it would cost before... Continue Reading →


Day 1, Athens: I arrived in athens really early in the morning. I had slept in the airport last night, which means i laid on a bench and failed to get any sleep. So i was exhausted and decided to get a cab to my hostel. I could not keep my eyes open and passed... Continue Reading →


I had booked a plane ticket to egypt on a whim. I arrived completely unprepared, basically how i arrived in every country, but with egypt it was different because its freaken egypt not europe. I tried getting through customs only to be told that i needed a visa to enter the country. Well i probably... Continue Reading →


Traveled to Zagreb on the train. I met a 19 year old on the train ride, we talked for a bit. He told me how he was still in high school and he wanted to go to Canada after. I stayed one night in Zagreb. After the crazy week in Budapest i got a hotel... Continue Reading →


I booked a party hostel for Budapest. From what i read people just liked to drink alot. I was so wrong. This hostel was absolutely insane. I felt like an old lady compared to how much these people partied.When i first arrived i was given a taxi number by the hostel. They told me to... Continue Reading →

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