Traveled to Zagreb on the train. I met a 19 year old on the train ride, we talked for a bit. He told me how he was still in high school and he wanted to go to Canada after. I stayed one night in Zagreb. After the crazy week in Budapest i got a hotel... Continue Reading →



I booked a party hostel for Budapest. From what i read people just liked to drink alot. I was so wrong. This hostel was absolutely insane. I felt like an old lady compared to how much these people partied.When i first arrived i was given a taxi number by the hostel. They told me to... Continue Reading →


I arrived in Vienna. I decided to walk around a bit. As i was walking i saw a little dog tied up outside of a store slipped off his leash and run out into the middle of the busy road. So i ran out and grabbed him and sat with him while i waited for... Continue Reading →


I had met a guy on the way to Berlin that was headed to Prague on the same day as me, so we contacted each other and traveled together. He was also from Canada. We took the train then headed our separate ways when we arrived. I hostel i was in was beautiful, but there... Continue Reading →


Took the train to Berlin. I met a guy who is heading to Prague on the same day as me so we agreed to meet up and travel together. Afterwards i get to my hostel and meet two of my roommates, ingrid from california and meave from ireland. We went downstairs and had some supper,... Continue Reading →

Kings day

After a crappy nights sleep i went to Amsterdam with Frank and Sharon for kings day. The entire city was shut down, no traffic. There were stages set up everywhere, blasting music. Everyone was dancing. The entire city was just one massive party, ive never seen so many happy people. Everyone was drunk or high.... Continue Reading →

Kings night

Today i went to the tulip gardens.   The next day was kings day which is one of the biggest holidays of the year in the netherlands. So the night before is called kings night. I tagged along with Frank and his group of friends. We went to a couple clubs and partied all night.... Continue Reading →


Today I went to Amsterdam. My first stop was at a sex museum. It was quite odd. I did not post any pictures from it on facebook……. Anyway, then I went to a prostitution museum, and that was really cool. I heard stories from a prostitute that were crazy. She said on new years eve... Continue Reading →


After a week of traveling I decided to have a lazy day. I did walk around and explore the town a bit, which ended up with me getting 10 thousand steps (ya my lazy days in Europe are like my most active days back home :/) I went to this street food place for lunch... Continue Reading →

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