Kings day

After a crappy nights sleep i went to Amsterdam with Frank and Sharon for kings day. The entire city was shut down, no traffic. There were stages set up everywhere, blasting music. Everyone was dancing. The entire city was just one massive party, ive never seen so many happy people. Everyone was drunk or high. … Continue reading Kings day



After a week of traveling I decided to have a lazy day. I did walk around and explore the town a bit, which ended up with me getting 10 thousand steps (ya my lazy days in Europe are like my most active days back home :/) I went to this street food place for lunch … Continue reading Gouda


I woke up in the morning and leni offered me some toast for breakfast. Then I hopped on a train and took a day trip to a city called bruges. Walking through Bruges is like walking back in time. The entire town is preserved and very old. I wandered through the tiny cobblestone streets and … Continue reading Bruges